A big family move requires a lot of work and often involves hiring professional movers such as Jia Jia Intl Moving Inc to help complete the process. When children are a part of the moving process, the chance can arise to help teach them about responsibility, caring for objects, and learning the basics of packing. There are five different tips and methods you can implement to keep children busy during moving days. With these activities, children can have fun and stay out of the mover's way.

Moving Games

Encourage proper packing and fun with a variety of moving games. These games are ideal for siblings to play against each other.

  • Stack the Boxes: When packing soft items like clothes and pillows, the various boxes can be used in a fun stacking game. As each box is packed and labeled, children must try to stack them as high as possible. The child who can make the highest stack of boxes without it falling is declared the winner.
  • Moving Scavenger Hunt: Have children prepare a special box of items that you need to have packed. By creating a scavenger hunt, children will love exploring the house one last time and find a lot of random items they may have forgotten about. Different items that you can include on this list includes special cups, old toys, or recreational items like a tennis racket.

Easy Packing Supplies

As children pack, it's important to give them supplies that they can handle without much assistance. The following supplies are ideal for children and will help with packing.

  • Newspapers: Old newspapers are great ways for children to pack toys, cups, and collectibles that they own. Not only will they enjoy wrapping the items, but they can go through the joy of unpacking them in a new home.
  • Masking Tape: Duct tape is hard to rip and pull. For a child, masking tape is a lot easier to handle. It's easy to rip off the tape and the masking tape works well with newspaper wrapping.
  • Bubble Wrap: Children love the popping sensation of bubble wrap. Instead of giving them a whole roll, cut some pre-sized pieces that can be used for items like trophies and video game accessories.


Teach children the value of donating by setting a special box aside for donations. As children go through toys and clothes they can decide on the items they wish to donate. This will make unpacking in the new house a lot easier and help children let go of materialistic items they no longer need.

During the move, the family can stop by a donation bin or center and see the impact that their donation has.

Folding Supplies

For children, one of the more challenging parts of packing is properly folding clothes. A folding board makes it easy to lay out t-shirts and fold them with a few simple steps. Every shirt or pair of pants can be folded the same way, making it easy to pack piles of clothes into boxes or totes. As children get used to the folding process, they can start racing siblings to see who can get the most shirts done in the quickest time.

Room Planning

Once the packing is completed, children can further stay occupied by planning out a new bedroom. Using some sketch paper, a child can completely plan how to decorate their new bedroom. Along with all the old items, a child can come up with some new decoration items for the room. This includes things like frames, shelves, or posters for the wall. This will help build excitement for the new home and help children brainstorm with all types of new room designs.

Along with these activities, it's a good idea to work with your child and see what ideas they have for the different moving plans.