Renting a furnished apartment , through a place like H & R Properties, means you do not have to invest in new furniture, you can move in immediately, and you get to try out different types of furniture before you have to commit to your own style. Unfortunately, it also means that you will live in an apartment that has been decorated by someone else, who may or may not share your sense of aesthetics. 

When you find a furnished apartment that fits your budget and needs, do not despair if the furnishings are not quite your style. Instead, consider whether one of these four methods could transform the apartment into your special haven. 

Fix Colors and Patterns You Don't Like With Slip Covers and Drapery 

Perhaps you found an apartment that is perfect except for the lime green couch in the living room, or maybe the wood furniture looks a bit too rustic for your taste. There is a lot you can change by adding slip covers to chairs and couches or draping fabric over coffee tables and nightstands. 

Slip covers not only allow your to add your own sense of style to your apartment, but they also protect your rental furniture from normal wear and tear or accidental rips and stains, which could be critical when it comes time to move out and you want your deposit back. If you do not want to invest in slip covers, a new throw pillow and blanket can add a splash of color to an otherwise drab room. 

While you are considering fabric, don't overlook the drapery in your apartment. Extending the current curtains to the floor or along the entire length of a wall can change the entire feel of a room. Alternatively, cafe curtains can open up a kitchen or dining room that feels a bit too tiny. 

Don't Be Afraid to Rearrange and Repurpose the Furniture 

If the apartment you are looking at has an immense dining table that you will never use but lacks a desk, why not think about repurposing one end of the table as a space to study or work? Can the decorative baskets taking up space in the living room be use as a clothes hamper? If you get creative, you may find many of the pieces of furniture that seem to be taking up extra space are actually useful in your everyday life. 

Also, if the layout of a room does not work for you, or the layout of the apartment, do not be afraid to move furniture into different rooms. Consider the basics of feng shui, which state that furniture placed in certain areas of a home either promote or block the flow of energy, and think about how the apartment would feel if the desk was moved out of the bedroom and the living room switched with the dining room. 

Modernize the Space With Wall Decals 

Vinyl wall stickers, also called wall tattoos are a non-permanent way to change the feel of a room. They will allow you to express yourself and modernize a room in your apartment, and when you take them off they will not leave any marks or sticky residue on your wall. 

A well-placed wall sticker can extend the outline of a piece of furniture and guide your eyes to various aspects of the room you want to feature, changing the feel of your potential apartment. 

If you find the furnished apartment you want, don't let one or two pieces of furniture dissuade you from renting it. Instead, get creative with ways you can make the apartment your own. Of course, if you cannot make the apartment work with your style, you may want to consider an unfurnished apartment.