When you have bad credit, you will not just have trouble getting approved for loans; you may also find it difficult to get approved for an apartment. Many property management companies do credit checks on potential tenants before letting them rent an apartment. However, it is not impossible to land an apartment with less than stellar credit. Here are seven tips for getting an apartment with poor credit.

Show Proof of Your Income

If you can show a landlord at a place like Wynn Residential Apartments in Toronto that you make enough money to afford an apartment, you will have a higher chance of getting approved. When you turn in your rental application, do not forget to include pay stubs. If you recently started a job and do not have pay stubs yet, you can show the landlord your offer letter.

Get a Co-signer

Getting approve for an apartment with bad credit is easier when you have a co-signer. A co-signer is a person with good credit who agrees to be responsible for the lease if you stop making your rent payments. For example, a family member or close friend might be willing to co-sign on your behalf. However, make sure that you will be able to afford rent each month to avoid putting the co-signer in a tough situation. 

Offer a Bigger Deposit

Another way you can get approved for an apartment with poor credit is to offer a bigger deposit. If you have the funds, tell the landlord that you can give him a few hundred dollars extra for the deposit. A larger deposit will show the landlord that you are financially secure and serious about renting an apartment. 

Provide a Letter of Recommendation

If you have a good rental history, consider asking one of your previous landlords to write a recommendation letter for you. In the letter, your previous landlord could mention what a good tenant you were and how you always paid rent on time. If the landlord you are trying to rent from finds out that you were a good tenant, he may be more willing to approve you for an apartment.

Seek a Private Landlord

Private landlords are typically more lenient about credit than big property management companies. If a private landlord does do a credit check, be upfront with him. Tell him that your credit score is low and that you are doing everything you can to improve it. If you are honest with the landlord from the beginning, he may overlook your credit score and consider renting to you.

Offer Automatic Payment

Instead of sending your rent check through the mail, offer to give the landlord an automatic payment each month. The rent will automatically be taken out of your bank account every month. A landlord will likely feel a lot more comfortable if he knows money is scheduled to come out of your account.

Suggest a Shorter-Term Lease

Instead of signing a one-year lease, suggest a three to six month lease. This way, you can show your landlord that you can pay your rent on time each month. Once you prove that you are a good tenant, your landlord may consider renewing your lease.

Getting approved for an apartment with bad credit is not easy, but it can be done. If you follow these helpful tips, you will be more likely to land an apartment with less than perfect credit. No matter what, always be upfront about your credit score from the beginning. If you are honest with the landlord, he will see that you have good character. In the mean time, take steps to improve your credit like paying all of your bills on time.