Your single-family home is a desirable property because of what it is, but it will have to compete with many other homes just like it when you list it for sale. Little upgrades and changes are going to help your home get the positive attention it needs when you work with a real estate agent to get it sold. However, don't forget that the exterior of your home is just as important in the eyes of a buyer as the interior of the dwelling. Here are a few upgrades to do outside of the house before listing your home.

1. Plant a few flowers near the main entryway.

It's such a simple thing to do, but it can make all the difference in first impressions. Either plant a few easy-to-maintain flowers at the main entryway or set up some flowers in attractive planters. This one little thing creates curb appeal and also makes a home a little more inviting.  

2. Tidy up any detached buildings. 

Detached buildings are part of the single-family home property, and there is no doubt that buyers will want to take a look at these buildings to see if they are what they want. Therefore, any garage, shed, or exterior detached building you have should be straightened up so it is more presentable. It is understandable that some outbuildings are just places to store a lot of clutter, but tidy up in whatever ways you can. 

3. Pressure wash the exterior of the house. 

The outside of the house can get really dirty and soiled throughout the years, and you may not even give all this crud a lot of attention before you list your property. However, it is a good idea to pick up or rent a pressure washer and give certain things a good cleaning, such as: 

  • The siding or brick cladding 
  • Concrete patios and walkways 
  • Wooden decks or patios 
  • Pillars, posts, fencing, and other structures

4. Mow the lawn. 

Never allow a real estate agent to get pictures of your single-family home if the lawn has not been mowed. A well-manicured lawn sends the impression that the house is also well-manicured. 

5. Declutter the patio. 

Your patio is your primary outdoor living space. A cluttered patio is a huge turn off because it is hard to visualize what the space could be used for. For example, it is hard to envision a patio for entertaining if it is crowded with your child's ride-on toys. 

For more tips on preparing single family homes for sale, work with a local real estate agent.