Real estate agents spend most of their time buying and selling homes, but did you know that these agents can also help renters find homes — and help landlords find tenants? If you have an apartment home that is vacant, here are a few reasons why you should hire a real estate agent to fill that vacancy rather than attempting to do so yourself.

They will know how much rent you can get.

Determining how much to rent a property for can be really tough. You can look at what similar properties are renting for, but if yours is in a slightly different location or is a bit more modern, the rent you can charge might be completely different! Real estate agents are experts in pricing. They'll do the research to determine how much you can charge for rent. This way, you won't have to worry that you're leaving money on the table, nor that you're charging too much.

They will market the property to the right tenants.

Housing regulations can make it tough to market rental properties to specific audiences. For example, you can't specifically state that an apartment is "great for singles" because that could be taken to be discriminatory against renters who have families. Navigating this legalese can be tough, but real estate agents do it every day. They can write an ad that appeals to the right audience, but that does not violate any housing regulations, ensuring that the people who would be truly interested in your rental take notice.

They will show the rental to interested parties.

Showing an apartment can be really time-consuming. You're running back and forth to the property, letting yet another person walk through the home and decide if they're interested. If you hire a real estate agent to fill the home, they'll do this part for you. This frees you up so you can keep up with other obligations, like your job and family.

They'll make sure tenants are eligible.

The last thing you want is to rent to someone who stops paying after a month or trashes the place. Real estate agents screen tenants well, and they know what red flags to watch out for. When your real estate agent finds you a tenant, you can be more confident that person will be a good tenant.

If you have questions about letting an agent find you a renter, reach out to a real estate office in your area. They can give you more information about their specific process.